Memorial Day @ the Farm


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Memorial Day Celebration @ the Farm
Monday, May 28th   10 am – 5 pm

  • 10% off plants for 1-day only
  • Free farm tours
  • Local vendors and demos
  • Herb workshops
  • Potluck at 2 pm (optional)

Come to the farm on Memorial Day and bring your family and friends! Join in the potluck at 2 pm or bring your own lunch to eat whenever you want.

Pastured Poultry: Learn about how to raise chickens on pasture to provide extra-nourishing eggs and meat, as well as fertilize your fields.
Miniature Herefords: Come learn why we chose this breed of cattle, hear the history of the breed, and learn about how they benefit the environment.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats: Learn why this breed of goats makes a great choice for a family looking for great milk and fun backyard pets.
Plus workshops and demos by local farmers!

Vegetable Plants, Flowers, & Herbs Ready!

Our market on the farm is looking so beautiful now with all the plants ready on the tables. It is time to plant! Yesterday, we planted our vegetable bed tomatoes, peppers, peas, swiss chard, and more. We’re going to have fruit in just a week or two, and we can’t wait to have summer’s bounty available for ourselves and our friends. Our herb garden is also looking great with the herbs we planted last week. When you come by the farm to pick up your plants, be sure to check out the gardens.

Ready to Go!

Here is a listing of just a few of the thousands of plants we have ready to go.

Culinary herbs, including rosemary, oregano, sages, and a dozen varieties of basil

Tea herbs, including stevia, peppermint, chamomile, catnip, and hibiscus

Medicinal herbs,  including St. John’s Wort, blue vervain, feverfew, and gingko trees

Flowers (edible and heat-blooming), including lantanas, zinnias, sunflowers, heliotrope, and dianthus

Trees & Shrubs, including vitex, dogwood, raspberry, blackberry, and green hydrangeas

Pepper plants, including Podran, Islander, Carmen, and dozens of other heirloom and productive sweet & hot peppers

Tomato plants, including Matt’s Wild Cherry, Anna Russian, Abraham Lincoln, Green Zebra, and tons of cherry tomatoes

Vegetable plants, including cucumbers, gourds, zucchini, squash, scarlet runner bean, and hyacinth bean


Also check out our market on the farm for gardening supplies like seeds, fish emulsion, and gentle-spray hose heads.




Spring into Whole Living


Winter Whole Living has come to an end. The exciting thing for me is that most of the things we learned can make a difference in our lives year round. I’ve still got lots of recipes to try at home! Our new friendships also will not end, and that is the thing I love most about Whole Living~ the community that we build together.

Summer Whole Living is just around the corner, and I am so eager to start. Now that we have our country living skills built of from the winter course, it is time we get in deep with the herbs and gardening. I’m looking forward to the class on companion planting. I always put marigolds with my potted herbs but after talking to Krista about her experiences with different plants I can tell there is going to be a lot to it! I also can’t wait to learn fermented foods and new recipes, especially when the gardens are bursting with summer’s fruit. One of my favorite benefits of Summer Whole Living, however, is that it gives us a chance to really build our medicine chest when each plant is at its best. I always hear visitors to the farm saying, “I was in Summer Whole Living and I used that tincture we made and it worked!” Implied in that statement is initial uncertainty, and uncertainty that I would share if it weren’t for each person that comes back saying how Whole Living changed their life or the life of their children or friend in such a way that there’s no second-guessing the changes we try to make in our lives each day.

Remember, the Summer Whole Living course starts in May, so register now to save your spot! I am looking forward to seeing all our old friends, but I hope to see new faces as well!

Welcome to our new website!

Our New Website

Everyone has been asking for Forrest Green Farm to keep them posted on our latest happenings. Here is the answer to that request!

Our new website has a great many features that we hope you’ll love including:

  • Plant List – learn what we’re growing this season and print out our list to plan your garden
  • Class registration – register online and pay either by credit card (through or invoice
  • Calendar of Events – discover our many classes and workshop, find us at Farmer’s Markets
  • Online Shopping for dried herb and gift products coming soon!

The best part is that through this blog, you can learn the latest details about what we’re doing here on the farm. Though the summer will be busy with the farm and plants to tend to, Krista, Shanah, and Alicia will take turns making sure you can be a part of it all.

So stay tuned!

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