Garden Clubs &
Private Workshops



We require a minimum of 15 participants to hold a private booked workshop on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Gather 15 or more of your friends for a relaxing time at the farm.

Please Contact Us for setting up a time to reserve your group.


For garden clubs and Master Gardener programs we recommend 3 hours to fully see the farm and get time for the workshop that you book. Please note that some workshops may take more time and will be noted in the workshop listing. 


MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are the only days that we can book these private hands-on workshops that are listed below.

The farm has open hours every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Your group is welcome to come visit the farm and self-tour the gardens at Forrest Green Farm. We do ask that you do let us know in advance if a large group is coming to the farm so that we can be available to assist you with parking, directions etc.


On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays your group is welcome to use our pavilion and picnic tables for bringing your own lunches even if you do not want to book a private workshop. Many groups pack their own lunches or coordinate a potluck event. We will be happy to supply your group with herbal teas, water, one herbal dip with carrots and tablecloths on the picnic tables. We also include cups for the beverages, but ask that you supply your own silverware and plates if you choose to bring your own meals. We do have a place for you to discard your trash and a sink to wash things as needed. There is a $30 fee for the pavilion rental that includes the herbal drinks and an herbal dip with carrots.

Forrest Green Farm has their own classes booked every weekend (Saturday and Sundays), so there is no use of the pavilion available on the weekends. However, groups are still welcome to meet at the farm and walk the gardens on those days.

We will have our farm store and plant nursery open after your group visits as long as we know in advance of your groups visit or if it is during our regular store hours (regular hours Thursday thru Sunday 9-5).



Includes a walk through all the different herb and vegetable gardens at the farm. This is best for groups with members that are comfortable in the sun and heat that we may encounter in the summer. Of course, these walks always lead into a multitude of questions about plants growing and uses. We can go in whatever direction that your group leads with their personal interests with this type of setting. Some possible topics are medicinal herbs & culinary herbs growing, uses, harvesting, preserving, vegetable gardening and best varieties for our area, growing methods, and ways to use and preserve harvests, permaculture techniques, larger scale production techniques, companion planting and beneficial insect usage at the farm. Length and time of walk can be determined by the preference of your group.

Cost $10 per person and Krista will be your tour guide.


Vinegar extracts the vitamins and minerals from plants as well as the essential oils and flavors. The acidic nature of vinegar releases the iron and calcium and makes it easy for our bodies to take them into our cells. Herb vinegars are also tasty treats to have on hand for everyday cooking and they can make delightful gifts.

Handouts with recipes of herbal combinations will be provided. Each participant will take home a bottle of herbal vinegar that they make during this workshop.

Cost: $15 per person


Herbal drinks are one of the easiest ways to add the benefits of herbs and quality nutrition (vitamins & minerals) into our lives and they also taste so good. Learn simple ways of adding herbs for health into our lives daily as well as herbs for relief of symptoms of when we are sick. In this workshop, we will demonstrate the methods used to make herbal teas and nourishing herbal infusions (nutrient dense herbal drink) and discuss how and when it is best to use each of these methods. We will take an in depth look at which herbs are best used for different situations to help heal and/or nourish us. This workshop will be hands-on and we will show how to prepare each type of herbal preparation and taste them. There will be detailed handouts for each participant to take home.

Cost: $10 per person or $15 per person with a take home package of Daily Wellness Tea


In this workshop, we will take a look into some of the traditional foods, drinks, and herbs that were used by Native Americans, Colonists, and early Appalachian healers to keep people healthy. These were the foods and herbs that were easily found or grown in the southern landscape and through wise traditions were handed down from generation to generation to enhance health and promote healing. Handouts with details about the herbs and recipes will be available to each participant and we will have some food sampling from the recipes.

$15 per person


In this workshop, we will cover the all the important facts that you need to know about how to preserve culinary and medicinal herbs for later uses. We will discuss the best growing conditions for many different types of herbs. Then we will cover which part of the plant you want to harvest and at the optimum time of day and time of year to harvest each kind of plant. We will explore different drying techniques (hang air drying, screen drying with fan, dehydrator, oven drying and silica gel drying) and some freezing techniques to preserve plants for later use. Time will be spent on showing you post harvest processing techniques and finally, we will discuss the best methods for long term storage of the herbs that you dried for later use. This workshop takes 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on questions). There will be extensive handouts provided on the information taught.

Cost: $15 each person

NETTLE– Urtica dioica 

Powerful, prickly nettle one of the most useful and beneficial plants in the garden. We use nettle for a very nutritive and delicious food source, a nourishing herbal tea, fodder for our farm animals, and as a compost tea and disease resistant spray in our gardens. We also use nettle leaf, seed, and root for its medicinal qualities. Come learn how to grow, harvest, preserve, and prepare a nettle patch in your garden. We will also focus on the many culinary & medicinal uses for this plant (hands- on samples for you to try) as well as the ways it can be used as a beneficial tea for your garden. Believe me, this is one plant that no garden should be without! 

Cost: $15 per person


These are three herb plants that often get overlooked, but should be recognized by all for their great value in the culinary kitchen and they have some great health benefits too.  We will cover how to grow, harvest, preserve, and use these plants in your cooking. We will also talk about the medicinal and nutritional uses of each. We will have hands-on samples for you try and a handout to take home.

Cost: $15 per person


These four plants all have a great presence in the culinary kitchen, but did you know that they have great medicinal values as well? We will start out by covering the growing, harvesting, and preserving of these plants. Then we will talk about their best ways to be used in the culinary kitchen. Finally, we examine how each of these herbs can be used medicinally to enhance your health. Come join us to see how these common herbs can serve a dual purpose in your life. There will be lots samples to try using the herbs. 

Class as listed above $15 per person

Class listed above and we can make a herbal vinegar to take home for each person with these herbs.

Cost: $25 per person

LEARNING TO APPRECIATE YOUR WEEDS AND EVEN MAKE USE OF THEM! Every spring as gardeners we go into the garden and we feel frustrated and maybe a little overwhelmed by the plethora of weeds that take hold in our gardens during those late winter/early spring warming days. From that point on, we start the laborious weeding out process. First the chickweed and violet, then the dandelion and ground ivy (creeping Charlie) abounds. As we approach Memorial Day and just when we think we have the “weeding” under control the plantain, lambquarters, smartweed, amaranth, purslane and yellow dock invade our precious gardens. Imagine a world where you will make these weedy friends your allies. In this workshop, we will take look at these herbs and how you can use them for truly tasty food, excellent nutrition, and simple folk medicinal uses that our wise ancestors once used to keep themselves healthy. We will even have samples for you to try because we have learned that will be the turning point where you will never look at these so called weeds as problems again. Okay, so in reality, we do need to keep these “weeds” under control or they would take over our gardens completely. We will even show you techniques we use to harvest the weeds early in their lifecycle, when they are most nutritious, and we are then still able keep our gardens under control. Weeding won’t be the nightmare as you think of it now. Instead, with some knowledge of the pleasure and benefits of these so called weeds and the techniques to keep them in from getting out of control, you will delight in looking for their presence each year knowing you will have a plan for them to enhance your health.

Cost : $15 per person


Research shows that 80% of plant problems can be traced back to poor soil conditions. Understanding soil structure and how to amend the not so perfect soil that we have here in VA can be quite overwhelming. In this workshop, Rob will help you to understand the components of good soil, compost, and natural and organic amendments. He will also help you with understanding how to read a soil analysis and what you need to do to fix the structure of your soil using organic and natural components. We will make a batch of our FGF own potting soil and raised bed garden soils because gardening in containers and raised beds also requires quality soil. Handouts are included. If time allows we will also talk about making garden beds using tilling methods and no till methods. This workshop takes 2 hours.

Cost: $20 per person


Use homemade herbal remedies and sprays to defend your garden from pests and disease. We will go over the formulas and benefits of each type of homemade safe to use spray that actually work and are used at Forrest Green Farm. Then we will discuss beneficial insects in the landscape, how to identify them, and when and how to order them for release if you do not already have them in your garden habitat. Also to be discussed are companion planting techniques that can enhance your plants growth and ward off the bad bugs that pester your vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Handouts will be given with the many formulas, a beneficial insect guide, and a companion planting with herbs and vegetables chart.

Cost: $15 per person


Offered only in June, July, August. Learn about the many varieties of basil available today. There will be a garden walk so that we can sample the many different types of basil that we grow at Forrest Green Farm. We will demonstrate the best methods to grow and harvest basil so that you can get maximum production from your plants. You will learn ways to preserve basil so you can enjoy its wonderful flavor all year long. In this hands-on class, we will sample numerous recipes with different varieties of basil. Each participant will take home a basil vinegar and basil pesto. 

Cost: $40 per person


Available in July and August. 4 hour workshop that is very engaging. In this very hands-on workshop, we will make a variety of fresh salsas and herbal dips using fresh picked ingredients from our gardens. We will make a variety of traditional tomato based salsas as well as fruit and vegetable salsas. Salsas are a great way to add flavor to even the simplest of dishes while getting the nutritional and medicinal benefits of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. We will cover how to grow the ingredients you will need to make the salsas and dips, how to store them and many recipes for using them in your everyday cooking. And of course we will indulge in the tasting of what we make in the class. Leftovers will be divided up and sent home with each participant.

Cost $45 per person


In this fun hands-on, workshop we will take a garden walk and learn about the herbs that have medicinal properties that would be good choices for making herbal oil infusions, salves, and lip balms. You will gain practical knowledge on how and when to use these oils and salves (for example a soothing salve, an aches and pain salve, a salve for infections, one for cold sores and shingles rash etc.) We will make a batch of salve hands-on in class and each participant will get to take home a salve.

Cost: $15 per person

Note: this workshop can be adapted to an off farm site or for the winter months. Rather than a walk to see the herbs in a garden setting, we would have photos of the plants to view.


In this workshop, we will cover the things that you need to keep on hand for using natural herbal remedies for your family. We will cover a wide variety of topics from herbal treatments for common aliments & injuries to bigger emergencies. There will be extensive handouts with clear instructions on what you need to have and do for everything from stings and burns to broken bones and cuts and much more. Some time will also be spent on how to make a first-aid kit for when you are traveling so that you can be prepared anytime or place with your herbal remedies. In this class, we will also cover the herbs and herbal remedies that a family should have in their medicine cabinet. Each person will receive an Herb First Aid booklet from Forrest Green Farm.

Cost: $30 per person


Prepare for the winter cold and flu season now. We will discuss which herbs are appropriate for symptom relief and simple preventative measures you can take to keep you and your family healthy. In this workshop, we will have recipes for you to taste and/or experience the process. Many of these herbs can be grown in your own herb garden or purchased at our Forrest Green Farm store or local health store. Each participant will make their own elderberry syrup to take home. A Preparing For Cold & Flu Season booklet from Forrest Green Farm will be included for each participant.

Cost: $30 per person


Are you looking for a cost effective and safe way to keep your home naturally clean? Did you know that only 20% of the four million household chemicals created since 1915 have been tested for adverse affects on humans. According to a 5-year EPA study, the air in the average American home has chemical contamination seventy times greater than the outdoor air. Our houses seem really clean, but we are seeing more and more effect of poisoning in our children and adverse affects in our health.

In this workshop, we will learn how easy it is to make your own safe and non-toxic, very effective alternatives to chemical cleaning products. We will combine the anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties of herbs and essential oils with other natural ingredients (baking soda, borax, vinegar, lemon juice) to clean every room in the house. We will cover all types of natural cleaning from daily household cleaning to laundry, and dealing with natural pest control in the home. Each participant will take home a Cleaning Naturally booklet from Forrest Green Farm with all the recipes and formulas and a sample of the basic natural sink cleanser with them.

Cost: $15, per person