Whole Living Year 3

Whole Living 3 classes are divided into two topics for each session. Three hours will be spent on Herbarium studies and three hours on body systems overview and the herbs to support and heal imbalances in the body. There will be two hands on medicine making projects each class that will correlate with the body system being learned.


Learn to identify and understand plant families and their patterns and how this can relate to their medicinal qualities and uses.

In this class we will cover basic botany for the herbalist, wildcrafter, plant enthusiast or homeschooler. We will learn to classify plants and learn to group them by their botanical plant family. We will then learn how plants in the same family have similar uses that are good for specific conditions. This can really open up ones ability to use the local plants for their health and medicinal properties without the need to just memorize medicinal plant uses from a book. You will develop a deeper understanding of the plant world and create a relationship with the plants by journaling them. 

Develop observation and identification skills through the use of guided classroom instruction, the use of loupes and microscopes, field guides, games, as well as hands on gathering and pressing of plants to build our own herbariums and journals.

Connect with the plants you gather from the herb gardens, fields, and woodlands at Forrest Green Farm and then pressing them to preserve for your binder.  Krista will then teach you how to create an Herbarium for your plants and have you make a journal entries for these plants.

What is included in the class? 

1 plant press, a quality  magnifying loupe, 1- 3” three ring binder, mounting paper, mounting glue, clear sheet protectors for the herbarium pages,. The resources that we will share as a class are the use of many types of field guides, calligraphy markers, colored pencils, professional microscopes, and botany games. There will also be 2 craft projects using plants and all those supplies will be included. 

Body Systems 

Body Systems Overview and the herbs to support and heal imbalances in the body… more details coming soon!

Classes meet on Saturdays. May-October 10am-4pm



May 12                June 9      

July 28                August 11

September 29   October 27