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Internship Opportunities 


We are a small family farm committed to supplying customers and community with the best naturally and ecologically grown products for whole living. Products include medicinal and culinary herb plants, dried herbal mixes and teas, vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken eggs, pastured poultry (whole chickens), and horse hay.

What we offer:

An exchange of knowledge, mentoring, hands–on experience with plants and animals, opportunity to take our courses offered at the farm (Whole Living 1 $1200, Whole Living 2 $700, Whole Living 3 $900 value and all the medicine projects to take with you from the classes), on farm housing, food from the farm for making your own meals and one meal a day with the family (prepared by us). There is also an opportunity for additional herbal medicine making. A stipend per month based on experience and room and board included. One week trial period to evaluate work ethics, communication skills, and interest.

What is expected from an apprentice:

  • A desire to learn about sustainable agriculture practices with herbs, gardening, and farm animals
  • Good attitude, follow through, and communication are essential in this environment
  • Willingness to work hard and efficiently, and take ownership of responsibilities
  • Days per week (TBD)
  • A commitment to stay the specified agreed term (TBD)

Winter Session Learning Opportunities: September/October thru February

Summer Session Learning Opportunities: Feb/March/April thru October


Workshops on Farm

  • Whole Living 1 Summer (2 Sundays a month for 6 months) includes herbal learning/projects, gardening, and food
  • Whole Living 2 More Herbs (meets once a month for 7 months) includes herbal medicine/projects
  • Whole Living 3
  • Herbal Classes as privately booked throughout the Summer  
  • Annual Memorial Day Festival at the farm
  • Master Gardener, Herb Schools and Garden Club Programs
  • Annual Charlottesville, Meet Yer Eats, Farm Tour


  • Growing from seed, propagating, and preparing for retail potted plant sales
  • Watering of gardens & retail space
  • Tending herbal gardens
  • Harvesting Herbal, Drying, & Preparing for dried herbal line
  • Preparing Herbal Formulas (tinctures, salves etc) for classes samples & family use
  • Herbal Food for workshops
  • Preparing herbal sampling for show dates
  • Wildcrafting (for teaching & food)
  • Maintain retail store & hours on a farm
  • Mail order of dried Mixes
  • Delivery to various retail locations & Farm co-ops


  • Growing from seed, preparing for retail potted plant sales
  • Gardens for various workshops & supply food for Whole Living Classes
  • Production & harvest for restaurants, grocery, on farm retail sales
  • CSA in winter (harvest, packing, delivery)
  • Food preservation (canning, dehydrating, fermenting)
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) & Beneficial Insects as Maintenance
  • Firewood for Greenhouses in winter

Animals & Various Farm

  • Pastured chickens (raising baby chicks, collecting eggs, feeding, moving the portable pens)
  • Pastured Broiler chickens (raising baby chicks, feeding, moving, processing)
  • Cattle (care, pasture management)
  • Hay production and sales
  • Pick up of chicken feed

 Markets & Shows

  • Lewis Ginter Plant Sale (Spring & Fall)
  • Herbs Galore Richmond
  • Heritage Harvest Festival
  • Wine Festivals throughout the year
  • FGF Buying Club Program in Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Charlottesville
  • Fall Line Farm & Local Roots (online farm markets)

Restaurants & Retail Locations

  • Mas Tapas, The Public, Miso Sweet, Lampo, The Local in C-ville
  • Intergral Yoga (IY)
  • Various wholesale orders of plants and dried products to Richmond, Charlottesville, and Farmville

March-October 2015



October 2014 - April 2015



Ethan & Wendy
April-October 2014



Summer 2013- Spring 2014



Fall 2012 - Summer 2013



Summer 2011


Nicole Spring 2010

Nicole Spring 2010
Ashley Spring 2010 & Summer 2011