Whole Living Year 2
More Herbs

More Herbs!

In Whole Living From The Ground Up Year 1, you learn hands-on the fundamentals of what Whole Living is really about.  Focusing on nutrition, seasonal eating to support our bodies, organic gardening practices, vegetable growing, and integrating herbs for food and medicine into our daily lives as well as preserving methods (drying, fermenting, pickling, & canning) to help you ensure you can have your vegetables and herbs year round. The first year of Whole Living Class creates the foundation for you to make changes for a better life.

The focus for this class will be to review herbs that were presented in Whole Living Year 1 and introduce more herbs into your life to provide you with a strong foundation of herbal knowledge. There will be a strong focus on the energetics of the herbs, understanding tissue states, wild & cultivated plant identification in the gardens and fields, hands-on medicine making to include more advanced formulation for specific ailments, expanding on your knowledge to empower you to use the herbs safely and with confidence to nourish and heal yourself, your family, and friends.

Study Focus in Year 2

  • Herbal ally
  • Botany for herbalists and plant walks
  • Creating an Herbarium for better Identification and future reference tool for each persons home use
  • Overview of Body Systems and herbs to support those systems. We will cover ailments and diseases related to those body systems and the food and herbs to use for treatment.
  • Herbal energetics
  • Tissue states
  • Guided herbal tastings 
  • How to determine and work with Individual constitutions 
  • In depth understanding of herbal terms
  • Diagnosis  techniques  (tongue reading, facial reading etc.)
  • Diagnosis clinics
  • Learn many new herbs and review of WL1 herbs
  • Lots of  new herbal projects and more herbal preparations to add to your apothecary


Hands-on Learning

As with all our classes, there will be hands-on learning and you will take home medicines and projects that you make in class.

Cost : $1800 ($1300 plus $500 material fee) 

Deposit : $300 to hold your space

2020 Dates :  Sundays 10am-4pm

April 19, 2020

May 17, 2020

June 14, 2020

June 28, 2020

July 12, 2020

July 26, 2020

August 9, 2020

August 23, 2020

September 6, 2020

September 20, 2020


Please complete this registration form and then you will be directed to pay your deposit or to pay in full, please complete all of these steps to be considered registered in Whole Living class.

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  • Testimonials

    "I am so glad I took Whole Living 1 and 2 at Forrest Green Farm. It really changed my life for the better and I learned skills which I use EVERY day. I can honestly say I refer to my binder of recipes and notes several times a week. The notes which I received are so well-written and easy to follow allowing me to listen and learn rather than having to write everything down in each class. Learning from the growing herbs is completely different than reading about these things online. The Rahm family are excellent teachers and they truly care about the health and well-being of our community. I can't thank them enough for offering this class."

    Justine, Charlottesville