I (Rob) started cutting hay soon after we purchased our farm in 1992. I found the equipment to be quite fascinating. My interest in hay equipment soon led me to an interest in the hay making process.

In an effort to become sustainable and provide natural hay for our farm animals, I started repairing old hay equipment from Krista’s parents’ farm. Most of our hay equipment is from the ’70s and ’80s but is in excellent mechanical condition.

I have used many resources to learn about cutting and curing hay over the years but the best teachers have been our farm animals. What looks good to the eye of you or I may not be best tasting and nutritious to the animals.

We cut what nature provides us for grasses. We do not use commercial fertilizers or chemicals. We only use fresh mined lime, natural fertilizers, and good rotational practices. We cut, fluff, rake, bale and stack with the farm animals nutritional health in mind.

Our square bales average 36” long. Our round bales average 4’ diameter. Both are easy for our customers to handle and store without big farm equipment. Delivery is available.

Contact us for price and availability.