Lifestock Guardian Dogs

Our Great Pyrenees are crucial to our farm operation. Livestock guardian dogs are quite different from guard dogs.  Livestock guardian dogs have natural instincts to intimidate and scare away the predators, unlike a guard dog which has the tendency to attack.  Their large size, color and ferocious bark helps to intimidate predators. Whether protecting your gardens from deer, your livestock from coyotes, or romping beside your children, Great Pyrenees take their work very seriously.  Most importantly, their primary desire is pay attention to your actions and attitude towards your farm animals.  They learn very quickly what to protect and what to run off.

We currently have four dogs, we have found that they work best in pairs. Two of them stay with the chickens to protect them from ground and flying predators.  The other two are “runners”, free to roam the farm to protect us, our cattle, and the gardens.  The “runners” are eager to help when another Pyrenees has a persistent bark indicating that they need assistance. These dogs eat very little for their size because of their intense work ethic.  We actually have them in a routine to rest each day in a kennel where they are willing to go to relax, eat and sleep. They are nocturnal by nature and are quite eager by evening to get back to work protecting the farm.