Greenhouse 101

Saturday January 28th, 2023 9am-3pm

We put our first greenhouse in at FGF in 2005, 17 years later and we now have five full production greenhouses at the farm! We produce over a 1000 lbs. of greens during the four months of our winter CSA (November-February) each year. During the rest of the year we use the greenhouses for starting our seeds and potted plant production. We heat our greenhouses with wood stoves in the winter. We have had many learning experiences over our 17 years of growing. Come join Rob in this class to learn all about greenhouse growing, he will walk you through the greenhouses he designed and built, cover the information listed below and answer your questions.

  • Greenhouse placement
  • Learn about sun charts and light requirements
  • Building the structures or what to look for in a kit
  • Greenhouse accessories – shade cloths, fans, temperature gauges, lighting
  • Heating your greenhouse – we will actually show you our wood stove heat in use and cover other heating options
  • How to prepare your soil for growing in the greenhouse as well as soil management and safety
  • Growing in the ground in the greenhouse vs. growing on tables
  • How to use your greenhouses year round
  • Winter produce growing (you will actually see this on class day)
  • Harvesting tools (hand tools and mechanized)
  • Cleaning your greenhouse
  • When to replace the plastic


  • $150 per person
  • $250 for 2 people (paid in one transaction)

This class will need to be held outdoors/in the greenhouses.  Participants need to be prepared for seasonal weather elements.