Online Ordering for Pick-Up

Below are instructions on how to use the site and FAQ. Please read carefully!

1. Click on this link 
forrestgreenfarm-online-market.square.site (you might want to save this link on your browser for easy access) 

2. At the very top of the page it says “Customer Pick-up Locations (This Site is Not for Mail Order)” under that are days and times for pick-up, Thursday-Sunday. Each pick-up day has 15 minute intervals of time listed from 9am-5pm. Please select a day and time for pick-up and arrive promptly on that day and time. 

3. There is a small fee attached to your pick-up time. This fee helps us to cover the extra credit card processing fees that using this site costs us and the extra packaging this new system is going to take.

4. After you have chosen your pick-up day and time, scroll down to see the items listed for sale. There are eggs, pork, beef, herbal products, plants, tinctures, krauts, miso, elderberry products and more (while supplies last). Make sure you check out the whole site, we are adding all kinds of things from the store so that you can have the full shopping experience. We will also continue to add more items throughout the rest of this week and next so make sure to check back! We have some spring plants ready now and there will be many more coming soon to the site. Special note- on the site at the end of each category is a “Show More” button be sure to click on it to see our full inventory for that category. 

5. Once you have selected all of your items you can checkout. 

6. Then arrive on your designated day and time to pick up your FGF items! They will be under a 10×10 pop up tent on a table in front of the barn. Please only touch your items (they will be labeled with your name). We will not be using coolers because then everyone will have to touch them so your cold and/or frozen items will be in bags on the table (placed on the table moments before your arrival time) so please arrive promptly at your pick up time that you have chosen.

The Market on the Farm is closed to the public at this time. We are only accepting orders through this pick-up site 
forrestgreenfarm-online-market.square.site or if you are just getting dried products check out out mail order site. https://forrestgreenfarm-mailorder.square.site

If you are returning egg cartons or soil bags please leave them in the marked crate next to the pick up table. We will quarantine them for 1 month and only use them should egg cartons/soil bags go out of stock from the distributers. 

We know that this is very different then our usual set up but we feel that it is the safest thing for our customers and us. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

FAQ about FGF’s Online Ordering for Curbside Pick-Up 

Where do I place an order for pick-up?


Where do I choose the day/time I want to pick-up? 

Once you go to the Online Market the first set of items you see will be the place to choose your day/time for pick-up. The pick-up days are Thursday-Sunday, look for the red letters.  Please don’t forget to pick a day and time! We hand pull every item from plants to frozen meat so that is ready for you when you get to the farm. We can’t do that if we don’t know when you are coming. Thank you!  

Where will my order be to pick-up? 

If you chose to pick up at the farm, it will be ready at the day and time you chose under a white pop-up tent in front of the barn. Your items will be on the table and labeled with your name. 

If you chose the pick-up in Charlottesville, the details for that pick-up are on the item description in the Online Market. 

Why is the word shipping on the items I am trying to pick-up and on the receipt I receive after checkout? 

Unfortunately, it is a software glitch with Square. We can not change or alter it. Please just know that your order will be ready on the day and time that you have chosen. 

Can I come another day to pick-up my order other than the day I chose? 

Your orders are hand pulled from the plants to the frozen items so if you have to change your pick-up day/time please give as us much notice as possible. The only available pick-up days at the farm are Thursday-Sunday 9am-5pm.

Can I add items to an order that I already placed? 

Yes, you can but please place the additional order on the Online Market. You do not need to pick an additional pick-up time. In the “notes” section at checkout please state that you want the additional items added to your previous order. 

What food items do you have on the Online Market? 

Pasture raised eggs, pork, 100% grass fed and finished beef, soup mixes, local pasta, local goat cheese, honey and more! 

Do you have produce on the Online Market? 

Not at this time. 

I added everything to my cart and it won’t let me checkout? What should I do? 

The first thing to do is to delete the pick-up time you chose and pick another time. Adding the pick-up time to your cart does not save the time!! So while you were shopping someone else could have checked-out with the same time you had picked. This seems to be a very common problem so try that first! If that doesn’t work you can always call 434-882-2648 or email us at forrestgreenfarm@rahmweb.com

If I started an order days ago and it is sitting in my cart can I still checkout? 

If you have an order that has been sitting your cart for days there is a high chance that some of your items may now be out of stock and then your order will not go through when you try and checkout. The best thing to do would be to delete your cart and start over with your order. Having items in your cart does not save them. They are only taken out of our inventory once the order has been placed. Our stock is limited these days, everything is while supplies last. We can not guarantee any items at this time. 

I can’t find a plant or other item on the Online Market that I think FGF usually has? 

We are adding items daily!!! So make sure you are checking the entire site for new items every time you order. Also make sure you are clicking on the “Show More” button on the bottom of each category to see they categories entire inventory. For categories with lots of items, i.e. plants, you may need to click the button multiple times. 

As for plants we are only adding the ones that are ready to be out of the greenhouses. So bare with us, it is still early for quite a few plants, it is still too cold at night for them to be out. You are welcome to send us an email to ask about any items that you can not find on the Online Market and if we will have them we will give you an ETA for when they will be available on the Online Market. forrestgreenfarm@rahmweb.com

When will FGF’s pasture raised whole chickens be available again? 

We are currently sold out but we already have boiler chickens in the field. We should be processing the first batch in May. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for updates. 

Where is the best place to keep up to date with everything that is happening at FGF including the new items that are listed on the Online Market? 

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ForrestGreenFarm/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel 

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/forrestgreenfarm/ 

You can also sign up for our newsletter here- http://www.forrestgreenfarm.com/fgfblog/ 

When I pick-up my order can I go into the Market on the Farm, browse the retail plants that are on the tables/greenhouses or let my kids play in the playhouse? 

The Market on the Farm is closed to the public (for now), including the plant tables, greenhouses, the store and the playhouse. We feel it is the safest option for us and our customers at this time. Thank you for your cooperation!