Reserve Your Thanksgiving Turkey! 🦃

2021 Turkeys are sold out!

Our turkeys are raised here on our farm from day old poults.  Our turkeys are truly pasture raised on our pastures which means they are moved each day to a fresh patch of grass. Here they are able to feed on fresh grass and insects. We move our turkeys and uniquely designed portable houses throughout our pastures and along the woods edge where they love to eat the freshly fallen fall leaves and acorns. Our turkeys are also supplemented with only non-GMO feed, fresh greens, and vegetables from our gardens and greenhouses.

Cost is $5.50 per lb. + Tax with giblets included.

Down payment (non refundable) to reserve your Turkey is $20. Pick the day you want to pick up, the size of your Turkey and reserve for $20. You will then pay the balance when you pick your Turkey up on the day you specified.

Pick up days are are Saturday November 20, 2021 10am-5pm or Sunday November 21, 2021 10am-5pm.