Wellness Simplified! Herbalism From The Ground Up

A Whole Living Guide to Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs

The complete growing & herbal medicine guide for the gardener, the herbalist, the homesteader, the farmer, and the DIYer!

  • 127 Plant Profiles 
  • 24 Herbal Preparations 
  • Growing
  • Harvesting 
  • Preserving
  • Formulating
  • Tastes of Herbs
  • Energetics
  • Flower Essences 
  • Recipes and more!

Wellness Simplified! Herbalism From The Ground Up is a book written by herb farmers to teach you how to grow and use medicinal herbs in your everyday life. Straightforward with simple yet effective herbal formulas and easy-to-follow recipes. This book contains 127 plant profiles that include herb energetics, tastes, ailments, flower essences, growing & harvesting information, and precautions for each herb. When you connect with nature by growing herbs and making medicine from them, you engage all of your senses. You create a relationship, connection, and understanding of the plants that stay with you for a lifetime. Learning herbal medicine is empowering, sustainable and affordable. Start your journey today!


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Wellness Simplified! Herbalism From The Ground Up
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by Janice

Love this book and FGF. Have used it on many occasions. Well written and easy to use. Thank You.

Thank you! We are glad you find the book easy to use 🙂

 by Heather

Wellness Simplified is perfect for anyone on a wellness journey. From those just starting out to someone with knowledge that would like a reference guide, this book has tips, beautiful photos, an amazing index, and more. It takes you through each step to start a whole living lifestyle. Soil, seeds, harvesting, and storing your treasures. It doesn't matter if you're a deck gardener or have land, it will work for your needs.

I also appreciate that it's family-friendly. There are so many recipes that my daughter loves and I never thought she would try! The plant medicine I have made has already proved invaluable as well. This will be going out as holiday gifts this year because everyone needs one!

Thank you! We are so glad you have found the book useful and that you enjoy the recipes!

 by Kristin Winterson

I absolutely adore this book! It is incredibly easy to use and the amount of useful information is a huge testament to how well-written it is. It is genuinely a one-stop reference for people who want to understand how to live better without being overwhelmed.

Thanks! 🙂 We are so glad you find the book easy to reference.

 by alycia wright

I'm currently working my way through this book and have enjoyed it immensely. The instructions are simple and straight forward in the recipes. The book explores not just the plant and it's medicinal value but also it's energetics and gives you a variety of ways to use it. The font is a good size and the pages are elegant & colorful (not busy). This book works as a great companion to the Whole Living Course but also can serve as a stand alone. I have shelves and shelves of herb books and appreciate the holistic approach of this one with an emphasis on using herbs in your everyday diet through food.

Thank you!

 by Justine

Taking the Whole Living Classes at Forrest Green Farm was the best education I have EVER had. It was so incredibly interesting and is valuable every day. The book is so helpful as it is very well-organized and makes it easy to find what I need. I reference it all the time. I'm thankful for all that Forrest Green Farm offers.

Thank you Justine!

 by Kristen Heidel

Wellness Simplified is an amazing book. It is wildly informative. Beautifully illustrated and well written. I would highly recommend this book to not just gardeners but anyone wanting to learn more about the whole living lifestyle and herbal remedies.

Thank you for the review!

 by Kennedy Heidel

Incredibly insightful and informative! Great book for home remedies.

Thanks! 🙂

 by Bobby Heidel

Wellness Simplified is a most beautiful pictorial, alphabetized guide to herbs . Everything you ever wanted to know and it makes a treasured gift

Thank you!

 by Patti Grogan

This book is beautifully researched and illustrated. The photos and drawings are works of art. I had a terrible accident recently and was able to use the wisdom in this book to accelerate my healing. I enjoy reading it just to read it and always learn something. I appreciate all the hard work that obviously went into creating this book and recommend it whole heartedly!

Thank you for the recommendation!

 by Gary and Lois

Very well written and informative. A lot of home remedies that we did not realize even existed. Well worth the read.


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